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Espace Robert Kiln, Ver-sur-Mer, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France

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Location Category ID: 6027
Added to Database: April 2009
Last Edited: 25 May 2009
Address: Avenue du 6 Juin, 14114 Ver-sur-Mer
Opening Times: Accessible at any time
Official Website:
Other Links: Normandy44LaMemoire
Tanks in France
America / Gold Beach Museum
Latitude, Longitude: 49.34342545 , -0.51691532
Location Accuracy: 10
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This Sexton is part of a display with a flag and monument beside the main road, near King Sector of Gold Beach. They are in a square named “Espace Robert Kiln”. The monument includes two display boards giving information on the Sexton’s unit.
One board describes the role of 86th Field Regiment in the assault as follows: “From their position at the back of the fleet of landing craft approaching King Sector, the guns of 86th Field Regiment opened fire on their first target – the beach at La Riviere – 35 minutes before H-Hour (H-35) at a range of more than 12,000 yards (11.000 metres). They continued firing at four rounds a minute until H-7, when fire was transferred to the heavily fortified area around the lighthouse for a further twenty minutes. The landing craft then turned round and waited a short distance out to sea until called back to the beach. The first three troops to land – twelve guns in all – came into action on the beach soon after 08.30 and began firing at once, directed by forward observers with the leading infantry, who were now some three miles (5 kms) inland.”
A second board describes the unit’s role in the Normandie campaign as follows:“86th (Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. The regiment was a Territorial (i.e. part-time volunteer reserve) unit which mobilised with towed guns in 1939 and converted to self-propelled guns in 1943. Their guns engaged targets from the landing craft approaching Gold Beach and forward observer parties from the regiment accompanied each assault infantry battalion, ready to give fire support as soon as the guns came into action on land.”
A plaque beside the square reads as follows:

Le Major KILN a pris part au débarquement sur la plage “GOLD”, secteur King, avec le 86ème Régiment d’Artillerie Blindé.

Major Robert KILN took part in the landing on GOLD BEACH King with the 86th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.


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August 2007

1: Overview

Taken: 25 August 2007
Contributor: T. Larkum
Location Photo ID: 41
Added: 25 May 2009
Views: 295
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Espace Robert Kiln plaque
2: Espace Robert Kiln plaque

Taken: 25 August 2007
Contributor: T. Larkum
Location Photo ID: 42
Added: 25 May 2009
Views: 134
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Noticeboard 1
3: Noticeboard 1

Taken: 25 August 2007
Contributor: T. Larkum
Location Photo ID: 43
Added: 25 May 2009
Views: 228
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Noticeboard 2
4: Noticeboard 2

Taken: 25 August 2007
Contributor: T. Larkum
Location Photo ID: 44
Added: 25 May 2009
Views: 132
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