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Forte Bramafam, Bardonecchia, Italy

(Location: External Display Area)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 1556

Unique ID: 1556
Added to Database: 19 February 2011
Last Edited: 20 February 2011
Type (ID): Carro Armato M13/40 (5300)
Model (ID): Carro Armato M15/42 (5330)
Location Category (ID): Forte Bramafam (5220)
Location (ID): External Display Area (5220)
Serial Number:
Other Identification: Large hole in centre of mantlet for armament.
Collection Reference:
Links: Carlo Clerici on Flickr – Example by roadside – note some pictures are mirror images
YouTube – Carlo Clerici
Associated Tanks:

Location History:
(see map)

1: Fiat Ansaldo Company, Genova, Province of Genova, Liguria, Italy (Manufacturer)
2: Polveriera, Alice Castello, Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy (Until 1990s)
3: Forte Bramafam, Bardonecchia, Turin Province, Piedmont, Italy (Current location)

Text in original Preserved Italian Tanks publication:

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Text in original Preserved Tanks In Italy publication:

This M15/42 came from Alice Castello at Vercelli and has had the hull machinegun and turret main gun removed (source: M. Foti). When emplaced the two Breda 38 machine guns were moved to the turret mantlet in place of the Breda 47/40 gun and a steel plate used to close the opening produced in the superstructure (source: C. Clerici).
It was originally emplaced beside a road outside the ammunition store at Alice Castello and is believed to have been removed in the 1990s. It consisted of just the upper hull and turret fixed in concrete, with the entire lower hull, including engine compartment and running gear, removed. When seen there it retained its side door, and the mounting and inner mantlet for its machine-guns, but these are no longer fitted. It is generally in a poor and rusty condition.

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September 2010

Front right view
1: Front right view

Taken: 5 September 2010
Contributor: M. Foti
Photo ID: 4510
Added: 19 February 2011
Filename: IMG-0398...
Views: 196
Select/Has Priority: 21/0


Rear left view
2: Rear left view

Taken: 5 September 2010
Contributor: M. Foti
Photo ID: 4511
Added: 19 February 2011
Filename: IMG-0428...
Views: 168
Select/Has Priority: 21/0


3: Overview

Taken: 5 September 2010
Contributor: M. Foti
Photo ID: 4512
Added: 19 February 2011
Filename: IMG-0677...
Views: 147
Select/Has Priority: 21/0