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Canadian War Museum, LeBreton Flats, Canada

(Location: CWM Storage)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 2489

Unique ID: 2489
Added to Database: 24 March 2014
Last Edited: 18 April 2014
Type (ID): Leopard (400)
Model (ID): Leopard 1A4 (706)
Location Category (ID): Canadian War Museum (8100)
Location (ID): CWM Storage (8140)
Serial Number:
Registration: 73-12422 (source: Tango24B/
Other Identification: Maple leaf emblem painted on turret sides. Painted overall in a green, black and brown camouflage scheme.
Collection Reference:
Associated Tanks:

Location History:
(see map)

1: Wegmann & Co, Kassel, Nordhessen, Germany (Turret manufacturer)
2: Krauss-Maffei GmbH, Munich, Germany (Prime contractor and vehicle assembly)
3: Canadian War Museum, LeBreton Flats, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Current location)

Text in original Preserved German Tanks publication:

[No entry]

Text in Preserved German Tanks Update:

This was a Leopard 1A3 (not a C1) with modifications for the EMES 18 sight and muzzle reference system. It was obtained by DND somewhere around 1993-1995. It has had the open stowage basket added to the rear of the turret; this modification was seen on later C1s when the MEXAS mounts were added in about 1996. The tank had as its first holding unit Valcartier in 1993 and then with DND in 1995. It is suspected that it may have been a trial tank used to determine if upgrading the C1 with the EMES 18 was feasible at the time or to wait until the 1A5 turrets came available for the C2 development. The only German Leopard 1A3 known to have been modified with the EMES 18 sight was a German trial tank sent to Thailand for hot weather testing in the 1980s but it is not known if it is the same tank. It is known that this tank was moved to Gagetown in 1997 and then to 202 Wksp in 2001, and then disposed of out of 25 CFSD in 2003. The tank was at one time inside the Museum but currently is believed to be stowed outside awaiting some new batteries to get it fired up again. (Source: Tango24B/
According to ‘Lance Wiebe’: “I had 422 to play with for a couple of years while I was the IG Tm WO. The story that I was given on the tank was that it was a test 1A3 that was never issued to the German Army, but was used as a test bed at Krauss Maffei. At one point in its career, it was modified with the EMES 18 and a relaxed view PERI sight; similar to the Leo 2A5/6. It was (supposedly) the predecessor to the Danish update when they took their Leo 1A3 and installed the EMES 18. It also was (again, supposedly) the first Leopard 1 with the turret electric drive that became the norm for the TED upgrade, as opposed to the more experimental types that trialled before it came along. When you jump on top, you can still see where they mounted the relaxed viewer PERI. I have no idea what type they mounted, but it was toward the rear of the turret, similar to the Leo 2A5/6. I was told it was given to us at the time, because we gave KM a tank in trade that we bought during the Leopard C2 project. It took a lot of work, but I finally received permission to play with it on the ranges to determine a good boresight/zeroing range. It was a good excuse to play with the EMES! The problem was that the barrel had something like 4800 EFC's on it. At any rate, after numerous inspections, it was cleared to fire. I first tried zeroing at 1500, with TP. I had about a 25cm grouping, which was tighter than any C1 that I had when I had the K19 gunnery Leopards. I was really impressed with the EMES! Of course, the thermal and the stabilized sight was fantastic as well.” (Source:
According to the transfer paperwork from KMW to the Canadian Military this Leopard is classified as a 1A4 (source: A. Sewards/AFVNDB).

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May 2011

Front left view of tank behind museum, photo by
1: Front left view of tank behind museum, photo by 'Gre...

Taken: 24 May 2011
Contributor: CRFU
Photo ID: 9519
Added: 25 March 2014
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