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(Model: Late Production Model)

Memorial, Vimoutiers, France

(Location: Vimoutiers)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 79

Unique ID: 79
Added to Database: May 2008
Last Edited: May 2008
Type (ID): Tiger (170)
Model (ID): Late Production Model (320)
Location Category (ID): Memorial (6080)
Location (ID): Vimoutiers (6080)
Serial Number: Reported as “250155”, but “251055” more likely. Turret number “251113”.
Other Identification: “231” originally painted on turret sides.
Collection Reference:
Links: Surviving Tiger 1 Serial Numbers
Associated Tanks:

Location History:
(see map)

1: Wegmann & Co, Kassel, Nordhessen, Germany (Turret manufacturer)
2: Henschel und Sohn, Kassel, Nordhessen, Germany (Chassis manufacturer and vehicle assembly)
3: Memorial, Vimoutiers, Orne, Basse-Normandie, France (Current location)

Text in original Preserved German Tanks publication:

For the history, details and photographs of this Tiger see Preserved Tanks in France: Number 1.
It belonged to sSS PzAbt 102 (source: W. Schneider). It has many of the characteristics of the last Tigers built such as the new turret roof and hatch, crane mounting points, central headlamp mount, small muzzle-brake and monocular gunner’s sight.

Text in Preserved German Tanks Update:

[No entry]

Text in original Preserved Tanks In France publication:

This late-production Tiger, with steel road-wheels, is believed to have belonged to the Heavy SS Panzer Abteilung 503 in August 1944 and originally carried the number 231 on the side of its turret. On 19 August several German tanks that had escaped from the Falaise Gap were making their way to a fuel dump which had been set up in the nearby Château de l’Horloge. They were forced to detour along the Vimoutiers-Gacé road and several ran out of fuel. Others were simply abandoned, and eventually about sixty Panzers, including three Tigers, were left scattered around Vimoutiers.
The crew of this one left it sitting in the middle of the road and attempted to destroy it by setting off charges on the engine deck and beside the turret. It was recovered in May 1975 by M. Alan Roudeix from the road-side where it had lain since being pushed by an American bulldozer in 1944. It has since been repainted but not significantly restored. It is badly damaged, with its hull and turret armour severely cracked, and it is missing its gearbox and most external fittings. It is reported to have the chassis number “250155”, but this would indicate that it was the 155th Tiger of the 1,350 built, that is a very early production model. It is more likely to be “251055”.
This Tiger is #8 of the nine listed in Preserved German Tanks 2.

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June 2000

Front right view
1: Front right view

Taken: 18 June 2000
Contributor: LKE Delsing
Photo ID: 2114
Added: 20 September 2009
Filename: 20000618...
Views: 221
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August 1982

Front left view
2: Front left view

Taken: 1 August 1982
Contributor: T. Larkum
Photo ID: 1181
Added: 26 March 2009
Filename: Scan_Tig...
Views: 342
Select/Has Priority: 4/0


Left view
3: Left view

Taken: 1 August 1982
Contributor: T. Larkum
Photo ID: 1182
Added: 26 March 2009
Filename: Scan_Tig...
Views: 218
Select/Has Priority: 16/0