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Sword and Ploughshares Museum, Reeve Craig, Canada

(Location: External Storage Area)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 2490

Unique ID: 2490
Added to Database: 27 March 2014
Last Edited: 22 April 2014
Type (ID): M4A4 Sherman (1332)
Model (ID): M4A4 (1332)
Location Category (ID): Sword and Ploughshares Museum (8265)
Location (ID): External Storage Area (8267)
Serial Number: 5457 (source: CHAFVR).
Other Identification:
Collection Reference:
Associated Tanks: M4A2 (76) HVSS Sherman Tank - Royal Military College of Canada, Canadian Forces Base Kingston, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Has its engine deck plate)

Location History:
(see map)

1: Detroit Tank Arsenal / TACOM, Warren, Macomb County, Michigan, USA (Sole manufacturer July 1942-September 1943)
2: Royal Military College of Canada, Canadian Forces Base Kingston, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Gore Training Area until 1992)
3: Military Heritage Museum – Brantford, Canada (ca 1992-1999)
4: Vimy House, Centretown West, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Until ca2004)
5: Canadian War Museum, LeBreton Flats, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Dates unknown)
6: Sword and Ploughshares Museum, Reeve Craig, Kars, Ontario, Canada (Current location)

Text in original Preserved American Tanks publication:

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Text in Preserved American Tanks Update:

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Text in original Preserved Tanks In Canada publication:

This M4A4 has CIRD (Canadian Indestructible Roller Device) fittings (source: CHAFVR). It is missing its gun, mantlet, gun mount, tracks and other components.
It belongs to Lord Strathcona’s Horse and it is being stored at Kars for that unit and the CWM at Ottawa. It was previously at the Military Heritage Museum at Brantford until about 1999, and was originally discovered by Ed Storey in 1992 at CFB Kingston where it stood on the base golf course in the Gore Training Area. Its engine deck plate is on the M4A2 (76) HVSS on display at CFB Kingston (Source: AFVNDB).

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Right view
1: Right view

Taken: 2010 (Estimated)
Contributor: S. Taylor
Photo ID: 9525
Added: 4 April 2014
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