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T-60 Tank

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The T-60 light tank was developed by the N. A. Astrov design bureau at Zavod No 37 near Moscow, based on experience gained in production of the earlier T-30/40. The T-60 was developed on the basis that since it was not required to be amphibious, it could be lower and better armoured. The T 60 entered production in 1941 with an intended production run of 10,000 tanks, to be produced at five plants. The T-60 was produced until late 1942 at Zavod No 37 (relocated from Moscow to Sverdlovsk), Zavod No 38 (Kirov), Zavod No 264 (Stalingrad) and the Kolomna Locomotive plant, the Kharkov Tractor Plant (KhTZ) and GAZ at Nizhniy Novgorod. Some 1239 were manufactured at the relocated Zavod No37 in Sverdlovsk, 537 at Zavod No 38 (Kirov), 1186 at Zavod No 264 and 3038 at GAZ.
Early T-60’s were fitted with spoked road wheels and idlers, which were later replaced by the more common solid disc wheels. The designation T-60A used in the West for later T-60’s is not distinguished in Russia. The T-60 was severely outclassed by 1942 though a few survived combat late into the war. The T-60 was fitted with a tow hook and was often used to tow artillery pieces such as the 76.2mm ZIS-3. In total 5915 (6045?) T-60’s of all types were produced. Later T-60’s had additional armour welded to the hull front and turret, increasing the weight to 6.4 tonnes.
A small number of specialised variants of the T-60 were produced, including the BM-8-24 multiple rocket system, the T-60Z armed with a twin 12.7mm M-1938 AA HMG system and several prototypes armed with 37mm and 45mm tank guns. None of these specialised variants in known to have survived. To September 1942, a total of 1144 T-60's were built. At least two T-60's with the later solid wheels reached the German testing grounds at Kummersdorf.

Model Id:2095
Manufacture:Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (GAZ), Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Russia (Primary manufacturer)
Factory 38 Kuibyshev (KPZ), Kirov, Kirov Oblast, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Russia (Additional manufacturer)
Factory 37, Sverdlovs'k, Ukraine (Design parent and additional manufacturer)

1) Kubinka NIIBT Research Collection - Soviet Vehicles, Kubinka, Russia

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Other Identification: Collection number 312 painted on left turret side.