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SU-122-54 Assault Gun

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The SU-122-54 (originally referred to in Soviet service only as the SU-122) was an enigmatic vehicle during and after its service life. Developed in 1949 as a long range tank destroyer and fitted with a stereoscopic rangefinder, the SU-122-54 was built on an extensively modified T-54 chassis, with a new casemate hull and modified suspension and wheel spacing. The SU-122-54 was rarely observed during its service life in the 1950's and early 1960's and became generally known only after ARV versions (designaed TOP) were seen during Red Square parades during the 1970’s with the armament removed and the front glacis plated over. In 1954 the SU-122-54 was experimentally tested with a more powerful 122mm M-62S tank gun, but this version did not reach series production.

Model Id:2525

1) Kubinka NIIBT Research Collection - Soviet Vehicles, Kubinka, Russia

Number of Photos: 1
Sample Photo from Album Number 482

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Unique ID: 482
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Other Identification: Collection number 211 painted on left superstructure side.