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T-35 Tank

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The T-35 was developed at SKB-2 design bureau at the Bolshevik Plant (Kirov) in Leningrad under the direction of N. V. Barikov and manufactured at the Kharkov Locomotive Zavod (KhPZ) in Kharkov from 1932 under the direction of engineer N. V. Tseits. Several production series were built. The initial T-35-1 and T-35-2 prototypes had only six road wheel pairs per side, while the production series T-35’s produced between 1933 and 1939 had eight road wheel pairs per side. The original 500hp M-17T engine was uprated to 580hp for tanks built from 1937 while the final production model, of which only six were built between 1938-39 featured conical turrets.
The T-35 was a hugely impressive tank, if limited in battlefield capability. In January 1941 of the 60 T-35’s produced in total there were 56 T-35’s in service with the Red Army, most of which were subject to mechanical breakdown or lack of fuel and were destroyed by their crews prior to being abandoned. At least one captured T-35 was set to Kummersdorf for evaluation. Its fate is unknown.

Model Id:2750
Manufacture:Factory 75 Kharkov Locomotive Factory, Kharkov, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine (Sole manufacturer 1933-9)
Factory 185 Kirov, Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg and Novgorod Region, Russia (Design parent and prototype manufacturer 1932)

1) Kubinka NIIBT Research Collection - Soviet Vehicles, Kubinka, Russia

Number of Photos: 1
Sample Photo from Album Number 347

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Unique ID: 347
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Other Identification: Collection number 102 painted on turret sides.

A single T-35 Model 1933 is preserved at Kubinka today. Even in a building which also houses huge vehicles such as the SU-14Br-2 and the SU-100U SPG’s the T-35 is truly impressive.