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Panzerjäger I Tank Destroyer

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When PzKpfw I’s were no longer required as tanks they were converted for other duties. Some were used for the carriage of ammunition (under the designation PzKpfw IA Munitionsschlepper, SdKfz 111) while many ended their days as tractors. In 1939 358 Ausf B’s were converted into self-propelled anti-tank guns, the first Panzerjägers, by Alkett in Berlin-Spandau. These consisted of a Czech anti-tank gun mounted on the tank chassis with the turret removed. The gun had limited traverse and was protected on three sides by an armoured shield.
The Panzerjäger I was introduced in 1940 and initially saw service in France in May of that year. It fought later in North Africa and Russia but by then was of limited value due to its light armament and armour. Minor variations were seen in the external appearances of standard vehicles, for example late production vehicles had the sides of the gun shields extended further back. However, there was a distinct variant of the PzJgr I that saw service in Russia. This was the 4.7cm PaK(f) Sfl auf PzKpfw I Ausf B. It was very similar to the standard vehicle but mounted a French 4.7cm gun in place of the Czechoslovakian weapon.

Model Id:90
Manufacture:Wegmann & Co, Kassel, Nordhessen, Germany (Sole PzKpfw IB chassis manufacturer 1937-39)
Altmärkische Kettenfabrik (Alkett) GmbH, Berlin-Spandau, Germany (PzJgr I converter 1939)

1) BWB Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, Koblenz, Germany

Number of Photos: 2
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Unique ID: 15
Serial Number: 12558 (chassis number).
Other Identification:

This PzJgr I is on loan from the Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground, USA. It is believed to be the only example of this vehicle still surviving. It has an extended gun shield.