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Panzerbefehlswagen IV Command Tank

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By 1944 the PzKpfw III chassis had largely been replaced on the front line by the PzKpfw IV and so there was a need to produce an alternative to the command vehicles based on the PzKpfw III. The PzKpfw IV Ausf J chassis was therefore used for this purpose. The firm of Nibelungenwerke converted 97 examples to produce the Panzerbefehlswagen IV between March and September 1944. The PzBefWg IV had reduced ammunition stowage and was equipped with an extra radio set, an FuG7 or FuG8, which was operated by the loader. The usual antenna for the FuG5 was moved from the left rear hull to the right side of the turret roof and a large star antenna was attached to the right side of the rear hull plate. This was mounted in a large armoured pot protruding from the top of the plate. A TSF 1 periscope was fitted in a rotating mount on the left of the turret roof, just in front of the standard cupola. The PzBefWg IV served with tank detachments equipped with PzKpfw IV.
From July 1944 to March 1945 Nibelungenwerke also converted 90 PzKpfw IV to the artillery observation role as the Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV. This again had additional radio equipment, FuG4 and FuG8 sets, and had a star antenna mounted on the tail plate. However, it was distinguished by the fitting of a StuG III cupola in place of the standard one. This allowed the mounting of an artillery scissors periscope in the cupola hatch, as used on the StuG III. These vehicles were crewed by artillery personnel and saw service with Hummel batteries.

Model Id:185
Manufacture:Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Nibelungen, Sankt Valentin, Austria (Sole manufacturer March-September 1944)

1) Brussels Tank Museum, Brussels, Belgium

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This is an example of the Panzerbefehlswagen IV command tank (source: G. Mazy). It has Schürzen around the turret. It is missing the Schürzen on the hull, but appears to retain the mountings for it.