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Stalingrad Tracktornyy Zavod (STZ), Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Volgograd Region, Russia

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Location Category ID: 2280
Added to Database: 26 February 2011
Last Edited: 11 April 2012
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Other Links: Wikipedia – Volgograd Tractor Factory
T-34 Production
Wikipedia – Battle of Stalingrad
Latitude, Longitude: 48.79894891 , 44.60762501
Location Accuracy: 7
Tanks Previously Here: Tanks confirmed built here:
1: T-34 Tank - Lubuskie Muzeum Wojskowe, Drzonów, Zielonogórski, Lubuskie, Poland (Chassis produced spring/summer 1942)

Models of tank built here:
1: PT-76 Amphibious Light Tank (Sole manufacturer)
2: PT-76A Amphibious Light Tank (Sole manufacturer)
3: PT-76B Amphibious Light Tank (Sole manufacturer)
4: PT-76M Amphibious Light Tank (Sole manufacturer)
5: PT-76 Amphibious Light Tank - Unidentified Model (Sole manufacturer)
6: 2P16 Luna Armoured Launch Vehicle (Manufacturer)
7: BMD-1 Airborne Light Tank (Manufacturer)
8: BMD-2 Airborne Light Tank (Manufacturer)
9: BMD-3 Airborne Light Tank (Manufacturer)
10: T-34 Tank - Model 1941/42 STZ (Sole manufacturer Early 1941-September 1942)
11: T-26 Light Tank - Model 1933 (Additional manufacturer 1933-6)
12: T-26 Light Tank - Model 1936 / 1937 / 1939 (Additional manufacturer 1938-40)

Long term:
1: T-34 Tank - Muzeum Broni Pancernej, Centrum Szkolenia Wojsk Lądowych, Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Poland (Repair Base at Factory 264 – Dates unknown)

The Volgograd Tractor Factory is a heavy equipment factory located in Volgograd. The factory produces tractors and military equipment. During World War II, the factory was known as the Stalingrad Tracktornyy Zavod (Stalingrad Tractor factory, STZ) and retooled to produce equipment for the Red Army, most notably the T-34 tank. It became world-famous during the Battle of Stalingrad for the fierce battles fought there. (Source: Wikipedia). Most of its suppliers were also set up in Stalingrad – armour plates were manufactured by the ‘Krasniy Oktyabr’ (Red October) Factory and hulls were manufactured by the nearby Stalingradsky Dockyard (Factory 264).
Post-war the factory produced the PT-76 and BMD air transportable vehicles.

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February 1942

“During the grim days of the winter of 1941-42, little kept the tank forces from all but disappearing but the production of the STZ Factory in Stalingrad... Here, T34 41 and 42 tanks and STZ-5 tractors in the rail marshalling yards outside the factory are inspected before shipment”, photo and caption from
1: “During the grim days of the winter of 1941-42, little k...

Taken: February 1942
Contributor: CRFU
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Added: 27 February 2011
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