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Location Category ID: 17640
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Latitude, Longitude: 47.29465764 , 9.53840732
Location Accuracy: 2
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A small collection of military vehicles is owned by the brothers Max and Pius Länzlinger, and stored in Rüthi. (Source: M. Foti).


Location ID:17640
Latitude, Longitude:47.29465764, 9.53840732
Location Accuracy:2

1) M3 Stuart Light Tank American

Number of Photos: 49
Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 1796

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Unique ID: 1796
Serial Number: 712 (source: M. Foti).
Registration: 300412 (not original): “USA W-300412” painted in blue on hull sides. EB11159 (Brazilian): “EB 11159” previously painted on hull sides.
Other Identification: Yellow stars painted on turret sides. Yellow stripe painted around turret and across mantlet.

This M3 was purchased from Mike Stallwood of R.R. Services in 2009 and was one of the batch of Stuarts he imported from Brazil. It took part in the War & Peace Show at Beltring in England 22-26 July 2009 and the Tanks in Town event at Mons in Belgium 2-30 August 2009. It left England for Switzerland on 7 December 2009, passed through Rheinfelden on 9 December and finally arrived with the Länzlingers on 12 December 2009, along with a backup Continental w-670 engine. A rare Guiberson T-1020-4 9-cylinder radial engine arrived from England on 8 January 2010; a starter cartridge that matched this engine was found inside the vehicle.
The whole tank was dismantled, restored and repainted from March to June 2010. This work included the installation of its weapons, the 37mm M6 gun and five 30cal Browning machine-guns. These arrived by air freight on 14 May, after a six month wait.
The restored tank took part in the Armeetreff Ostschweiz event at Kradolf 25-26 June 2010 and the Convoy To Remember event at Birmenstorf 6-8 August 2010. It is in running order. Further work continued in 2011 with the addition of a bow machine-gun cover and an original radio and intercom in January, and the acquisition of another Continental radial engine (from the Italian Navy) in February.

2) FV102 Striker CVR(T) Anti-Tank Guided Missile Carrier British

Number of Photos: 20
Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 1797

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Unique ID: 1797
Serial Number:
Registration: 08FF04: “08FF04” painted on nose and left rear hull.
Other Identification: Painted overall in desert sand (previously a green and black camouflage scheme).

This Striker was restored and repainted from May to July 2009. When it originally arrived it was in the standard British Army European paint scheme but was repainted in desert sand, as used in the Iraqi Gulf wars. It is believed to be in running order. It took part in the Convoy To Remember event at Birmenstorf 6-8 August 2010. It is in running order.