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Location Category ID: 2350
Address: Pervoi Pyatiletki Square, Ekaterinburg, 620012 Russia
Telephone: +7 (343) 336 69 79
Email: bulakh [at] (Replace [at] with @)
Opening Times:
Official Website: Uralmash - Russian
Uralmash – English
Other Links: Wikipedia
Marchmont Capital
T-34 Production
Latitude, Longitude: 56.87595064 , 60.57509422
Location Accuracy: 7
Tanks Previously Here: Tanks confirmed built here:
1: T-34 Tank - Lubuskie Muzeum Wojskowe, Drzonów, Zielonogórski, Lubuskie, Poland (Turret produced summer/autumn 1942)

Models of tank built here:
1: T-34 Tank - Model 1943 (Additional manufacturer)
2: SU-122 Assault Gun (Manufacturer)
3: SU-85 Tank Destroyer (Manufacturer)
4: SU-85 Tank Destroyer - SU-85M (Manufacturer)
5: SU-100 Tank Destroyer (Manufacturer)
6: SU-100P Prototype (Sole manufacturer)
7: Obiekt 108 (SU-152G) Prototype (Sole manufacturer)
8: Obiekt 112 Prototype (Sole manufacturer)
9: SU-152P Prototype (Sole manufacturer)
10: Obiekt 120 (SU-152) Prototype (Sole manufacturer)

Uralmash is a heavy machine production facility of the Russian engineering corporation OMZ. The facility is located in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The surrounding residential area where workers live is also called Uralmash. Uralmash is an abbreviation of Ural’s’kiy Mashinostroitelnyy Zavod, literally ‘Urals Machine-Building Plant’. Historically, the plant was also called Ural’s’kiy Zavod Tyazhelogo Mashinostroyeniya with the abbreviation UZTM. Uralmash began operations in 1933 in compliance with the plans of the Government of the USSR for the industrialization of the country. During the pre-World War II period, Uralmash manufactured its products (blast furnace equipment, sintering machines, rolling mills, presses, cranes, etc.) for the mining and metallurgical industries located in the Urals and Siberia. The majority of these products were produced from individual designs. At the same time the plant began to develop military equipment, with the production of the M-30 Howitzer.
During World War II large-scale production of armoured materiel was organized at the plant. At first the plant manufactured armoured tank hulls, later expanding to production of T-34 tanks and the SU-122, SU-85, and SU-100 tank destroyers based on the T-34 tank design.
After World War II, the state made large investments in the reconstruction and expansion of the Uralmash plant. This modernisation favoured both increased output and the production of new machines and equipment, including shovels, drilling rigs, crushers and mills. (Source: Wikipedia).


Location ID:2350
Latitude, Longitude:56.87595064, 60.5800724
Location Accuracy:6

1) SU-100 Tank Destroyer Soviet

Number of Photos: 0
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Unique ID: 1587
Serial Number:
Other Identification:

This SU-100 was completed on 9 May 1945 and is now preserved as part of a memorial inside the Uralmash factory in Ekaterinburg. It is in the plant’s main alley, an area closed to the public.

Victory Park

Location ID:2351
Latitude, Longitude:56.8657245, 60.54724216
Location Accuracy:4

2) T-34-85 Tank Soviet

Number of Photos: 1
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Unique ID: 1588
Serial Number:
Other Identification: “292” painted on turret sides.

This T-34 M-1945 is on display as a memorial in the Victory Park in Ekaterinburg. It commemorates the place where, at the end of the war, a test road was used to check tanks being produced by the Uralmash tank plant. Tanks leaving the factory would do a circuit of the test road before returning to the plant for shipping to the front. (Source: I. Dolsky). It appears to be a Model 1945 with ‘flattened’ turret and webbed roadwheels, partially refitted with starfish roadwheels. It stands in front of a stone memorial marked “1944-1945”.